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AIF 2022

Sep 29th, 2022, 6:30 PM | Cercle de L'Union Interalliée

Connect with the Global Armenian Tech Community

It is our utmost pleasure to announce that we are bringing the AIF community back together, after a 2-year hiatus in our event series due to travel and social restrictions. 

Armenians in Finance are removing borders with respect to both geographies and industries, and we are excited to let you know that our next event will focus on High-Growth Technologies, Venture Capital and Innovation. 

Over the past years, Armenia has been referred to as “The World’s Next Tech Hub” and we are seeing an Armenian-led innovation boom both in Armenia and globally, with mounting success stories from founders building next generation tech giants. 

Our September event will take place in Paris, France and will gather leading Armenian entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and technology professionals, amongst others. 

We will convene at Cercle de l'Union Interalliée, an exclusive venue in Paris situated in the heart of Champs-Élysées and created as a place of exchange between the officers and political leaders of France and England in 1917.

The event will feature an evening of drinks and canapes reception followed by presentations on a variety of current topics in Armenia, technology, and venture capital, and of course plenty of networking.

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Raffi Kamber

General Partner, Founder at Singular

We are pleased to announce that Raffi Kamber, Founder and General Partner of Singular VC will deliver the Keynote address at the event. Singular is a successful $500m Paris-based VC fund launched in 2020.

Raffi is currently working with the likes of Gtmhub, Fairmat, Tinybird, Soda Data, STRM Privacy, Sparta Commodities and He's also previously backed Algolia, Dataiku and Qonto



Armen R. Kherlopian, Ph.D.

Chief Science and Innovation Officer, Covenant Venture Capital

Dr. Armen Kherlopian is a world renowned scientist and investor. His investment activity with BAJMount Global and Covenant spans from Pre-Seed to Pre-IPO. As a scientist, he often leads technical due diligence, with stand-out startup examples including: ScyllaBitvoreEmbodiedCognaize and Otonomi.

Moreover, he currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of TRISH, the NASA-backed institute that focuses on space health and is a consortium across MIT, Caltech and the Baylor College of Medicine. Armen completed his M.S. and B.S. in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Algorithms at Columbia University. He earned a Ph.D. in Biophysics with a focus on Machine Learning from Cornell University and completed a fellowship in High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence at Princeton University.


Philippe Poux

Entrepreneur and Business Angel

Philippe Poux is an expert in speech AI tech and exited his company to SAP in 2019. 

He has also founded the accelerator/incubator StartDoon. As the French-Armenian business accelerator, StartDoon represents an international bridge of communication and collaboration, offering startups and SMEs business development and acceleration services in both local and international markets.


Armen Verdian

Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Hye Tech

Armen Verdian was born and raised in France. He is a serial entrepreneur that co-founded several innovative health-related companies: CellProthera, a French biotech that developed a heart regenerative therapy based on injection of adult stem cells (>40m€ raised), Quintesens, a fast-growing high-quality nutritional and organic food brand, and recently Sleep Doctor, the first digital platform dedicated to sleep disorders (hq in France, engineering/dev team in Armenia).


He also founded an independent M&A boutique based in Paris 12 years ago, Celimene. In Armenia, he has been involved for more than 10 years with “Femmes Courage Solidarite” in Artsakh (non-profit program empowering mothers of large families through cow breeding). More recently he initiated HyeTech Europe, an informal network bringing together entrepreneurs, innovators & investors from Armenian and European ecosystems (1st Armenian pavilion in Vivatech)

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